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Class 6b at work: our full English breakfast


On Tuesday, March 14th, the class 6b made a full English breakfast with lots of things to eat. English people usually like fried things for breakfast, so we made a lot of fried food like fried toast, fried tomatos, fried egg, scrambled egg, fried mushrooms, bacon, baked beans, ham, but also jam, marmelade and a sweet porridge.

The preparation: We started to cook in the third lesson. All the pupils helped. Some of them made butter and some fried toast. Everybody had a job and nobody had to stand alone. It was a lot of fun! After a long time breakfast was ready. At last! Everybody was excited to try the food we cooked.


Class 6b at work:


Yummy? Yes!!! Most people found that our breakfast tasted good. At least the main course. Our teacher Miss Kinkelin bought marmelade for the dessert. Marmelade isn´t like <Marmelade> in German. Marmelade is made of oranges and tastes bitter. In England our <Marmelade> is called jam. I tasted the marmelade, too and I’ll tell you: I will never eat it again!

Here are some things our class made: 

Of course we made more things than that, but our hungry mouths were faster than the camera ;)

It was a lot of fun! 

Text by Viktoria Welsch, 6b